Project 9

The Marine EOD Tech this controller rig was constructed for had lost his entire left arm and right arm below the elbow. He did have complete function in both legs. Without the left arm, there were not enough "control points" on his upper body to use large joysticks or paddles on his left side such as with a partial arm. There was also no ability to hold a controller with his right hand. The approach taken was to use a console or "stand" type controller as a mounting place for all the components. This would provide consistant placement of controls while he played. Working with the Marine, it was decided to forgo a 4-button set for the right side action buttons. Instead a D-Pad type, 4-way joystick was used. A large right side joystick was used with his right nub which would also operate the start button triplet. For the left joystick, it was determined that his left foot would be used. This entailed the construction of a custom joystick his foot could move with enough resistance to provide proper control. The R3 function was performed by a seperate flat button his left foot could use while still controlling the joystick such as for running, etc. The left and right trigger and bumpers were placed on the right side in the form of a quad of flat oversized buttons. These were arranged so that he could reach several buttons at once to perform "iron sights" shooting properly. The entire floor setup was designed as one piece and could fold up and hang from a hook on the console for easy storage. It also had locating rails to ensure it was always in the proper location for him to play. This setup was very challenging and took several visits and evaluations to determine placements and input controls to determince what would be most likely to work. Templates and other placeholders were used to determine orientation and resistance levels to provide the feedback he needed to feel proper movement. This was probably the most difficult system due to the missing left arm. The Marine is able to play to a level good enough to satify his desire to play once more. Time and practice with the rig will help him get more proficient. Additional tweaks may be necessary once he has had sufficient play time.
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