Project 4

This wireless XBOX One console was contructed for a quadruple amputee Marine. Because the user has no hands or feet, every controller function had to be relocated to a more playable and accessible type of input. A computer type table was used as a mounting stand for the components. The stand could be left or moved for easy access. A pair of paddles for each thigh were used to actuate the left and right trigger and bumper functions. These were mounted to the stand on adjustable arms. Joysticks were mounted in boxes on the top surface used as well an oversized D-pad control. The ABXY and start buttons are mounted in an arched housing on an adjustable arm. A bite switch was added as a redundant left trigger button. All of the custom assemblies were made on a 3d printer. The result is a very playable system for this Marine that allows him to do something he once enjoyed again.
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