This was probably the simplest invasive mod so far. The user, an Army Specialist, was a retro gamer and wanted his Nintendo Super NES controller adapted so he could use his nerve damaged left hand. We needed to build up the left directional control (no joystick) for his left hand to get a better grip on it and the left shoulder button to the right side so it could be pressed with his right index finger or thumb when needed. The end product was very playable and now allows him to use his library of classic Nintendo games once again.
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This controller rig was made for a Marine EOD Tech who lost his right leg, right arm below the elbow, and three fingers on his right hand. His PS4 rig was contructed to allow him to still use all of his good and residual limbs. His left leg controlled the L1 and L2 using a foot pedal pair. His right arm nub or prosthetic controlled the 4 action buttons and right stick. His left 2 fingers controlled the D-pad and left stick and his right prosthetic leg used a knee paddle assembly. His right leg prosthetic had a tendency to move so an LED light pair was added on the top of the table top to alert him if he accidently hit one of the leg paddles. The PS4 controller itself was velcroed to the tabletop to prevent movement while his fingers press the buttons and joystick.
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