Project 12

The Marine EOD Tech this controller was made for had lost his right hand just above the wrist. An adapted right hand amputee controller is a very difficult to make. All the main buttons are on the right side so performing rapid actions normally would normally have to be moved to seperate botton array, especially if the amputation is high up on the arm. In this case a different approach was taken. The 4 button (Triangle, Box, Circle, Cross) were mapped to a small 4-way joystick placed in the center of the the normal 4 button location. This small rocker could be moved with his right nub to perform the actions needed during gameplay. The R1 and R2 buttons were moved to the left underside so that his index and ring finger could perform those functions. A small riser was added to the the right joystick to provide better access to his right nub. A third party PS3 controller was used due to the complexity of a standard Sony controller.
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